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Chris + Roland, Sydney. ,


After completing 75 educational workshops in 7 countries over the last 5 years, including 50 of them over the course of cycling through Australia and Indonesia,  Chris Le Breton has paused  in New Zealand.

He ran out of money and was unable to continue the expedition. However although in terms of distance it was much less than anticipated, in terms of impact to individuals and communities en route, he achieved far far more than he had ever dared anticipate.

To that extent, it was a great success.  

Work continues to write up the result of 15 months work for the record. .

He has been asked to give educational workshops and training courses in Indonesia and Malaysia, getting people to see the true state of the planet environmentally, socially and spiritually, and giving them the tools to seize the opportunity we have with hope and optimism: perhaps "we are the ones we have been waiting for"?  (with thanks to Van Jones).  And this will happen when money arrives to make it happen! 

July 2012
Chris addressed a green networking meeting in Brussels, Belgium, and gave a workshop to a secondary school in Norfolk, UK.  


Bike the Earth was set up by Earth Partners Foundation, as an around the world educational initiative. 

Bike the Earth's purpose is to further empower people in environmental sustainability, social justice and spiritual fufillment. Bike the Earth does this by connecting communities at the grassroots,  inspiring local initiatives and offering training in the educational materials drawing on One Planet Living, Be the Change/ Awaken the Dreamer SymposiumSolutions Focus coaching and FourYearsGo. We are educating people to live on the planet as if we intended to stay here, rather than trashing the place. 

Two cyclists, Chris Le Breton and Roland Smith, both facilitators of the Be the Change/Awaken the Dreamer Symposium, began their journey in Melbourne  in July 2010 and got to Cairns in December 2010. Roland decided to take time out from the expedition in March 2011.  Chris continued to Magnetic Island, north Queensland, where he led 7 symposiums and trained up 4 new facilitators. There he met Uncle Bob Randall, indigenous Yankunytjatjara elder and traditional custodian of Uluru/Ayers Rock, and singer, who invited him to Uluru, Northern Territory, to learn about Aborigine wisdom and 'kanyini', and see for himself the social injustice that is still being perpetuated in Australia  against its First Peoples, people who traditionally lived in harmony with the natural environment for 1000s of  years.  Afterwards, Chris spent 3 months cycling solo through Indonesia, continuing to lead symposium workshops. 

BikeTheEarth was scheduled at its outset to arrive in Europe in early 2012, and then proceed to the Brazil, to convey our views to the United Nations Earth Summit,  the most important summit of world leaders of all time - in June 2012. However after having submitted proposals to the UN in December 2010, it became clear that the agenda for the Earth Summit had been taken over by corporations and their lobbyists and the key issues that people on the ground tell us as important are not being looked at. 

None of the critical issues that need addressing:  ecocide, corporate corruption, social injustice were addressed at the recent Earth Summit. It is therefore up to local initiatives such as BikeTheEarth to continue inspiring, connecting, sharing and training trainers.   BikeTheEarth has film footage of interviews made with opinion-formers en route, and hopes to release this in the coming year. 

 It cost about about 20 Dollars, Euro or Pounds per day for all expenses to keep the show on the road,and to give workshops in communities we pass through.   We forewent income to make this journey happen. Become a monthly donor to help make the difference!  More via the funding section on this website.

Want to join us in Indonesia/south east Asia in 2013? You can also help us by joining as a cyclist, or arranging events in your local community or giving us cyclists a warm shower and an evening meal!  

¨Let us know of projects and initiatives en route we should visit to connect with others. Or become a sponsor?  Email us by clicking here: 

Thank you to everybody we have met from Bellingen to Brisbane to Bali,  and Uluru to Ubud  for your help in getting Bike the Earth going, welcoming us into your homes, giving us hot showers, helping to organise our workshops and train the trainer courses, chilling and sharing with us, and helping to make further and onward connections! ¨  Click on "Supporters" at the top left of this front page for a list of those who have helped make the difference! 

Thank you too to kindred friends working around the world for their mentoring support, especially Jon Love, Jon Symes, Ruel Walker and Tracy Apple at the Pachamama Alliance, described by Paul Hawken as "the most important non-governmental organisation on the planet today". Also Hetty Einzig, 
Nick Hart-Williams, Jonathan Hughes, Jon Ralls and Bernadette Ryder at  Be the Change Initiative UK.

And last, but not least, thank you to Kate, Tom and James, three stunning individuals who came together as the first charity trustees of  Earth Partners Foundation, with roots in Australia, New Zealand and the UK. Without their tireless dedication, mentoring and commitment, Bike the Earth would have remained just a dream. We are really grateful.

Chris and team around the world. 

Chris and Roland in Brisbane, October 2010

“A revolution is underway because people are realizing that our needs can be met without destroying our world. We have the technical knowledge, the communication tools, and material resources to grow enough food, ensure clean air and water, and meet rational energy needs. Future generations, if there is a liveable world for them, will look back at the epochal transition we are making to a life-sustaining society. And they may well call this the time of the Great Turning. It is happening now.” 
Joanna Macy


" It's 3:23 in the morning, and I'm awake because my great, great, grandchildren won't -let -me -sleep.

 My great, great, grandchildren ask me in dreams what did you do, while the planet was plundered?

 What did you do, when the earth was unravelling?

 Surely you did something when the seasons started failing as the mammals, reptiles, and birds were all dying?

 Did you fill the streets with protest when democracy was stolen?

What did you do once you knew?¨

 Drew Dellinger